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Research Poster Presentations and Abstracts

  1. Bordelon, Y.M. Wasserman, P., Marder, K. and Small, S. (2006) Selective Alterations in Basal Striatal Metabolism in Pre-symptomatic and Symptomatic Huntington Disease. Movement Disorders 21: Supplement 15: S361.  Presented at the Movement Disorder Society Meeting Oct. 28-Nov. 2, 2006 in Kyoto, Japan.
  2. Mazzoni P. Krakauer JW. Ravindran R. Marder K.  Disruption of Speed-Accuracy Relationship of Reaching Movements in Huntington’s Disease, Poster presented at the Annual World Congress of Neurology, November 2005, Sydney, Australia (see poster Word file)
  3. Mazzoni P. Ghez C. Wexler, N. US-Venezuela Collaborative Research Project.  Motor Learning Impairment in Presymptomatic Huntington’s Disease Gene Carriers Revealed by a Task Combining Motor Learning and Working Memory.  Poster presented at the AAN, 2004  (see poster pdf file)
  4. Mazzoni, P. Krakauer, J. Ravindran, R. Marder, K. Moskowitz, C.  Impaired Motor Skill Learning in Huntington’s Disease.  Poster presented at the MDS, 2004  (see poster pdf file)
  5. P. Mazzoni, J.W. Krakauer, K. Marder, R. Ravindran.  Abnormal speed-accuracy control and skill learning in early stages of Huntington's disease. (2006) Proceedings of the 10th International Congress of Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders. The Movement Disorder Society.  (see poster pdf file)
  6. Muratori, L., Louis, ED, Moskowitz, CB, Marder, KS, and Rao, AK. Clinical measures for therapeutic intervention in Huntington's disease. Presented at the Huntington Study Group 14th Annual Nov. 9 – Nov. 11, 2006 (see poster powerpoint file)
  7. Klitzman, R. Letter to the Editor. "Fighting Crime, Risking Privacy," New York Times, May 13, 2002, p. A16.
  8. Klitzman, R. "Questions That Have No Answers," Science Times Section, New York Times, January 21, 2003, p. F5.

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