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Campers' Comments

From a spouse:

"He absolutely loved the retreat--even more than last year."

From a doubting mom:

"We sent you a wounded bird. You returned to us a soaring eagle. So much of her natural bubbling personality has come back. I always admired her courage, but so much of this just went away over the past year. It is wonderful to have her with us again."

From a camper:

"I wake up every morning and I see Deanie's beautiful face smiling at me and saying softly and sweetly 'come on, it is time to get up to exercise.' And I begin my day with hope and want to do everything the way I did it at camp."

From a Speech Language Pathology graduate student counselor : 

“I…have a better understanding of how fatigue, stress, and environmental factors play a role in how a person functions…”

From another Speech Language Pathology graduate student counselor :

“It is now clear how important it is to consider and treat the whole person to even begin to make any sort of genuine impact on speech and language.”

From her social worker:

"She is willing to accept long term care because she now knows that she will be able to live in a community of others who have HD."


Singing at camp
Singing at camp

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