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HD Camp Program

The Huntington's Disease Summer Camp Program was founded in 1993.  Camp is held for one week each year at the foot of Storm King Mountain on the west bank of the Hudson River in Cornwall-on-Hudson NY. Our campers are in the early and middle stages of Huntington's disease. The camp's purpose is to create a warm, friendly, and safe vacation for 14-18 people who are regularly followed patients well known to our staff.

Our objectives are to:

  • offer social and recreational opportunities for people who may be increasingly isolated and lonely;
  • eat delicious food 5 times a day; gain a pound a day
  • provide family members and friends with much needed rest/respite
  • give professionals-in-training an intensive clinical experience, so they may provide better care to those with HD
  • have fun, hike, swim, paint, dance, play pool volleyball, Quinnball [modified baseball], Olympics, charades, campfires, ride horseback, picnic and be with other people who know what it is like to have HD.

campers exercise
group exercises

HD camp volleyball
pool volleyball

HD camp horseback riding

Camp Staff

Our staff are professionals who volunteer their services, most of whom are university faculty who work at or are affiliated with Columbia University's HD Center of Excellence.

Medical Staff

Kathleen Francis, M.D.,On-site Director
Carol Moskowitz, APRN-C, Off-season Director

Physical Therapy

Deanie Barth, MSPT, Activities Director
Lisa Muratori, PT, EdD

Speech and Language

Jeanne Thomson, CCC-SLP, Co-Director
Cheryl Lundgren CCC-SLP, Co-Director

Application Process

Qualified individuals are people who have been diagnosed with HD and continue to live at home, are emotionally stable for 3 months on current medication and fairly independent. For more information about the summer camp program, please contact Carol Moskowitz at  Applications will be mailed in February to potential campers before each June camp week.

For more information on attending camp or starting one in your area, contact Carol Moskowitz, Unit 22, 710 West 168 Street, New York NY 10032, or e-mail her directly:



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