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Advance Directives

There are several legal documents that may help you make clear your personal decisions about your future health care and long-term plan. It is important to take these steps NOW so that those who care about you and care for you understand your plan. These documents guide your family and health care providers.

See Advance Directives Workbook (129Kb pdf file)

Health Care Proxy is the simplest form to complete and can be done by you without an attorney or a notary. The purpose of this form is for you to designate the person who will make health care decisions for you should you be unable to do so in the future. Copies belong with you, your health care proxy and each of your doctors.

Entitlements Based on your estate assets, you may be eligible for various government programs. If you have not done so already, you should see an attorney for financial planning purposes. We have a partial list of attorneys in the tri-state area that we can recommend. For information on accessing government benefits, community services, please schedule an appointment to see our central social worker, Debbie Thorne, at (212) 305-9172 or email, for consultation.

Durable Power of Attorney Everyone should consult an attorney to prepare a durable power of attorney. This is where you designate who will make financial decisions for you if you are not able to do so.

Living Will consists of specific detailed instructions about your future health care plans. Copies should be filed with each of your doctors, your health care proxy and you. The living will is only active if you are not able to make your own health care decisions.

Brain Donation is the most significant contribution that a person can make. It is a gift of knowledge to your family and to neuroscience research. Contact Carol Moskowitz at (212) 305-5779 to learn more. The National HD Brain Donor Program is part of the New York Brain Bank at Columbia University under the direction of Jean-Paul Vonsattel, Ph.D. New York Brain Bank website: NYBB.HS.COLUMBIA.EDU



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