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HDNY staffColumbia University's HDSA Center of Excellence

Columbia University's HDSA Center of Excellence has been providing comprehensive services for individuals with Huntington's disease (HD) and their families since 1991. Columbia University has a long and rich tradition in HD. George Huntington, for whom HD is named, graduated from Columbia University's College of Physicians & Surgeons in 1871. One year later he published his definitive paper on chorea. Our staff, clinical consultants, neurobiologists, and neuropathologists carry on this tradition unabated today. We are unique in that we do not charge patients for their evaluations. People at risk for HD as well as individuals with signs of HD are welcome. In addition to being an HDSA Center of Excellence, we actively participate in the Huntington Study Group, a national research consortium of HD Centers.  This allows us to provide patients and their families opportunities to participate in clinical research in order to better understand HD and develop potential new therapies that may make a difference.
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